Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Maid of Orleans

The Maids Armor
" ...With this army Jeanne was sent. The King had caused armor to be made for her..."(1)
The Duc d'Alencon, Trial of Nullification
Some excerpts.
...When she felt herself wounded, she was afraid, and wept; but she was soon comforted, as she said. Some of the soldiers seeing her severely wounded wished to "charm " her; but she would not, saying: "I would rather die than do a thing which I know to be a sin; I know well that I must die one day, but I know not when, nor in what manner, nor on what day; if my wound may be healed without sin, I shall be glad enough to be cured." Oil of olive and lard were applied to the wound. After the dressing, she confessed herself to me, weeping and lamenting...
Fr Jean Pasquerel, Trial of Nullification
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Here is another website you should add as a resource for learning about St. Joan of Arc. Contains hundreds of pages.

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