Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who Is Your Favorite?

Best Catholic Blog Finalists:

  • American Papist (
    American Papist, by Thomas Peters, is hosted at Peters, the son of a canon lawyer, focuses largely on the intersection between Catholicism and politics, and the American Papist is always a good place to turn to for breaking news.
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  • Catholic Icing (
    Catholic Icing, by Lacy, a 25-year-old wife and mother of three, is "a place to find Catholic Arts and Crafts, Cute Food Ideas, Feast Day Celebration ideas, and much, much more! Once you have a solid foundation for your Catholic Cake, why not add some icing?"
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  • The Faith Explained With Cale Clarke (
    Cale Clarke reverted to Catholicism in 2004, "after spending ten years in Evangelical Protestantism, with much of that time spent in pastoral ministry." Director of The Faith Explained Seminars and creator of The New Mass iPhone app, Cale explains the Catholic Faith in everyday language.
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  • Fr. Z's Blog - What Does the Prayer Really Say? (
    Featuring "Slavishly accurate liturgical translations & frank commentary on Catholic issues – by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf o{]:¬)", a regular columnist for The Wanderer, What Does the Prayer Really Say? is the first place to turn for those who want answers concerning the celebration of the Mass, in both its Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms.
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  • Whispers in the Loggia (
    "One of global Catholicism's most prominent chroniclers, Rocco Palmo has held court as the 'Church Whisperer' since 2004," and his Whispers in the Loggia has developed a reputation for having the inside scoop on Vatican politics.
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Let Kids Be Kids Inc. said...

How do I offer a topic for your consideration?
Thank you
Michael Barrett Miller
Managing Director
Let Kids Be Kids, Inc.

Roland said...

I have a in depth piece on how Catholic school teachers in the Seattle Archdiocese do not receive any unemployment benefits much to the surprise of a lot of teachers!!!
It is getting some notice!!

Anonymous said...

Ryan Duns is better than know it's true...

Anonymous said...

Bad times make a good man.

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