Friday, September 26, 2008

Holy Smoke The Playing Field Is Being Leveled

A few nights ago I (Damian Thompson) joined a group of Catholic bloggers in a pub in Victoria. They included the world-famous Fr Z from America, Fr Tim Finigan and Mac McLernon ("Mulier Fortis"). We felt like a group of East European dissidents swapping samizdat literature in the 1970s.

There are liberal Catholic bloggers out there, but it is persecuted traditionalists who have seized control of cyberspace in the English-speaking world, with disastrous results for the secretive Futurechurch project.

Link (here) to Damian Thompson's great piece

Link (here) to Fr. Z's post on the same subject


Fr Zuhlsdorf said...

samizdat! LOL!

Mac McLernon said...

How about a blogroll section on Catholic women....?


Joseph Fromm said...

I have to think about that, Mac Mclernon.