Monday, September 8, 2008

The Politics And Emotion Of Abortion

Sarah Palin – the Post-Abortion Trig-ger?
Sept 5, 2008

Staten Island, NY – Kevin Burke, co-founder of the post-abortion healing ministry Rachel’s Vineyard, said today that anger directed at Sarah Palin and her family may stem from the repressed grief and pain of those who have had or been involved in an abortion.

“When someone publicly opposes abortion, this rejection can strike at a deeply repressed wound in the woman who has had an abortion or the man who has encouraged a woman to abort,” said Mr. Burke. “We at Rachel’s Vineyard know from our work with thousands of women and men that profound feelings of guilt and shame accompany abortion. The words or even just the presence of someone who believes abortion to be wrong can cause that repressed guilt and shame to erupt in anger.”

“The venomous response to Governor Palin’s family is probably heightened by the Palins’ dual rejection of abortion – first, in the case of their Down syndrome son, Trig, and then in the case of their daughter Bristol’s pregnancy,” added Mr. Burke. “Rather than lash out, though, I would encourage those burdened by the guilt of abortion to travel the road of reconciliation and healing. Anger toward others will not bring peace; compassion and forgiveness will.”

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Is this worth anyone's time? Depth psychology readings that have no basis in reality. Maybe Palin is simply incompetent resulting is people's anger? Perhaps this is the author's attempt to cover up his shame for supporting McBush and all the violence engendered by that support.