Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Congratulations! You Have Just Been Excommincated

Excommunicated Woman Deacon

Michelle Chava-Redonnet, author and hospital Chaplin won the 2006 Women's Ordination Conference Bishop Murphy Scholarship. This past weekend she was ordained a woman priest in the Woman Priests she was promptly reminded of her excommunication by Cardinal Justin Rigali.

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Some Background

According to the Spring 2008 newsletter of the Rochester, NY, Catholic Worker House, a woman named Chava Redonnet is preparing to exercise her ministry at the Rochester Catholic Worker as a “priest” once she is “ordained”. Many of the leaders of this Rochester house who are good people, have unfortunately been led away from the Catholic Church by Fr. James Callan’s breakaway (here) Spiritus Christi Church (here) here in Rochester. It looks like a trend, unfortunately.

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tlwest said...

I know a few women that constantly complain about not being able to become priests- I find the whole thing quite bizarre- Thank God because their behavior even when not complaining about it- they are not priest like much less Christ like... we must be in end times.

Phu Nguyen said...

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