Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pro Abortion Vs. Pro Life

The Chicago-based Thomas More Society filed civil Hate Crime charges in an Amended Complaint against an abortion clinic proprietor and ally in federal district court in Rockford, Illinois as part of an ongoing court battle.

Rockford resident Keith A. Sterkeson physically threatened and then attacked Eric Nelson and Kevin Rilott while calling Nelson, “A ******, a ******. You are a worthless degenerate ******. Oh, you are a ******! You are a degenerate and empty skull, thinking Jesus is going to save you. You’re a ******. Your mother was a ******.”

View the video (here). CAUTION: The video should not be viewed by children and is offensive in the language that is used, so if you are easily shocked, please do not view the video.

Link (here)

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